The transcendental wellness experience at the
Nantipa Hotel, a restaurant approach on the beach.

Escape to an enchanting and exclusive oasis to find peace in paradise and within yourself. Allow the weight of the daily grind to be lifted as you immerse yourself in a different kind of wellness experience designed to rediscover your inner strength and resilience. Through the balance of movement, this holistic experience will allow you to navigate your mind, body and spirit until you achieve a better personal understanding that will take you to the highest state of well-being. Gradually remove each layer to cleanse, energize, and transcend to an elevated state with the help of your personal wellness coach dedicated to maximizing your experience.

Learn to honor the present moment and turn on the inner light to achieve harmony and health through this holistic experience at Hotel Nantipa, on Santa Teresa beach in the incredible Nicoya Peninsula.

Our Extraordinary Wellness Experience includes:

To book this itinerary please contact our wellness consultant: Isaac Garcia. Toll-free direct call from the United States or Canada: +1-844-628-4982 or [email protected]