Numu experience

Immerse yourself in serenity and wellness at Numu, the Nantipa Wellness Center! Framed by beaches and tropical Pacific Rainforest in one of the World’s few accredited Blue Zones, where health and happiness are revered, our hotel offers you an idyllic escape to soak up the surrounding natural beauty and Costa Rica’s Pura Vida lifestyle.

Numú Wellness Center invites guests to embark on a journey of holistic healing in an open-air space within the gardens. Relaxing treatments surrounded by nature provide a peaceful and therapeutic environment filled with the sounds, scents, and colors of the tropical rainforest. We offer a wide range of wellness programs, including spa treatments, classes in our new Shala, such as Yoga, Pilates, Sound Healing, and Stretching for a transcendental wellness experience.

Complementing this sanctuary of rejuvenation, we use products crafted from sustainable practices, harnessing the natural bounty of Costa Rica’s tropical fruits, herbs, marine waters, thermal springs, and botanical ingredients. Handcrafted through biodynamic agriculture, these products offer genuine benefits for health, well-being, and personal care, stimulating all senses with celestial experiences while maintaining harmony with nature’s integrity.

Inspired by the local environment, our spa integrates eco-friendly practices and locally sourced ingredients to complement reflexology massages, exclusive aromatherapy treatments, body wraps, and personalized therapies, all designed to enhance the health and harmony of our guests. Come and discover an oasis of calm and renewal at Numú Wellness Center.

Your body and mind will thank you!

Classes at our new Yoga Shala:

Our most popular treatments

Enjoy this full renewal experience.Fusing our relaxing massage with Hot Stone, to let all of the stress leave your body.

An experience of deep connection with oneself. Let yourself be enveloped by the movements of the sea with slow, rhythmic passes and gentle to medium pressure. A full body massage designed to provide harmony and positive energy, eliminate everyday stress, leading to deep relaxation.