Best Sustainability Practices

Sustainability is a way of life and a value we hold dear in Nantipa. The hotel was designed observing best sustainable practices. Only six trees were cut during the building process, and all wood was reused as furniture in the rooms. Some ongoing sustainability projects we implement to balance luxury with protection of the environment and resources include:

a) We offer fresh water in glass pitchers in the bungalows and suites, avoiding water in plastic bottles.
b) We avoid the use of straws when possible. When the beverage requires the use of a straw, we provide biodegradable or stainless steel options.
c) Take out meals are packaged in biodegradable materials

a) Waste water is processed in a state of the art treatment plant. The resulting clean water is used in irrigation of the Nantipa gardens.
b) Energy sensors are placed to manage lights and air conditioning.
c) Solar Water heaters are installed in each room.
d) Nantipa recycles. Solid waste is sent out to the Nicoya Waterkeepers processing plant.

a) Cutting of original trees was fully licensed and limited to only 6 of the original trees in the property. Multiple trees and plants were added to compensate. All wood was reutilized in furniture and construction.
b) All new plants are endemic to the region, and produced locally.

One of the most important trends in travel consists of immersing oneself in the local culture and helping the local communities. In Santa Teresa you will have abundant opportunities to support local shops, restaurants, and other establishments. If you would like to make a difference, we also invite you to visit the local schools or pet shelters to volunteer or donate supplies. This will be a rewarding experience that will create long lasting memories of your visit to Costa Rica.

a) Priority in hiring is given to local residents.
b) When possible purchasing focuses on local producers and small businesses. Most seafood is purchased from local fishermen. Bread is made by a local baker. A large portion of produce purchases are local to the Nicoya Peninsula region.
c) Nantipa is one of the founding seeds in the local Chamber of Tourism – Catuza.