The Nantipa Story

On a sunny summer afternoon in 2010, three Costa Rican friends – Harry, Luis and Meni – were discussing their plans for the upcoming December family vacations. The consensus was a beach destination in Costa Rica. While reviewing all options, the landscape became clear: there are very few small luxury hotels that are beachfront yet in or near a town that offers restaurants, entertainment and shopping. Most beachfront Costa Rica hotels are located in large developments which do not have an authentic Costa Rica feel. Other smaller coastal hotels are not on the beach or are too remote and isolated to provide access to shops, meals and nightlife.

At that time, Harry owned a 1.5 Hectare beachfront property in up and coming Santa Teresa region, where celebrities were purchasing land and building luxury homes. This community of expats has developed an amazing culinary offering, and is gaining international reputation for its amazing surfing and yoga.

Meni and Luis, who together have over 40 years of experience in tourism and hotels, and are active in more than 7 companies in the industry, suggested building a small, upscale beachfront hotel on Harry’s property. This was the onset of the Nantipa Dream.

The hotel was to redefine the concept of Costa Rican Luxury, with sustainable design and practices, and using local talent in all phases of design. It would have to attract the discerning and experienced traveler who prefers the local, independent hotel over the established large luxury chains; within this frame of mind, the official plan for Nantipa was born, the rest is for you to come and experience!