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The 7 must-do activities when visiting this laid-back, oceanfront beach town.

The Nicoya Peninsula, former homeland of the Chorotega tribe, attracts a special type of traveler and many chose to head to Santa Teresa. Whether you are seeking the best surfing spots, mind-body-spirit connection at a yoga retreat or romance by the sea to celebrate your honeymoon, count on finding a relaxed ambiance nestled into lush nature to which you can add the charm of the diverse, friendly community of laid-back Ticos, expats, and fellow travelers.

Santa Teresa forms part of the UNESCO designated Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone, one of only 5 Blue Zones on the planet & is therefore, often considered the perfect escape spot for wellness and rejuvenation. A detox from the buzz of daily routine while immersing into outdoor activities by the ocean, wellness programs, fresh cuisine and the light-hearted vibe of its people.

Let’s find your vibe and balance in Santa Teresa. Here are our top 7 must-do activities that should pop up on your travel agenda when visiting this laid-back beach town:

1. Surf’s up

The beaches of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa host some of the best surf spots in Costa Rica. There are a variety of world-class breaks with ideal surf conditions throughout the year from Punta Barrigona to Playa Manzanillo. Santa Teresa’s surfing culture is remarkable and strolling along the beaches you will spot international world-class surfers to beginners navigating the waves along the coastlines. If you are ready to catch some waves yourself, you’ll will easily be able to arrange surf lessons or a board rental either for the day or the length of your stay. Nantipa’s staff will be able to point out the best spot of the day as we have quite the surfers in our team ourselves.

2. Horseback Riding along the coastline

The long, white sand beach of Playa Santa Teresa, by the Pacific Ocean and lush green jungle, is perfect for horseback riding. If you like horses and sunsets what better way to explore the remarkable palm-fringed shore at the day’s end! No matter if you are an experienced rider or beginner, you will not want to leave Santa Teresa without experiencing Costa Rica how it used to be way back when the best “all-terrain vehicle” for navigating the country was the horse.  Better yet, consider a half day tour on horseback in Ario Farms, ending on a gallop in Manzanillo Beach.

3. Wildlife exploration in Curu Refuge

If you come to Costa Rica for the rich biodiversity a visit of the Curu Wildlife Reserve you will not want to miss out on. Curu is privately owned and part of a large farm which combines sustainable agriculture and forest management with the protection of wildlife and nature. For wildlife-photographers and nature-lovers the Curu Wildlife Reserve is one of the highlights of the Nicoya Peninsula. In a tropical paradise environment visitors can see many of Costa Rica’s animals in the wild. The refuge offers easy access to seeing some of the most sought-after species such as white-faced monkeys, spider monkeys, scarlet macaws, white-tailed deer, collared peccary, coati, raccoons, coyotes, iguanas, and hundreds of species of tropical and migratory birds.

4. Bioluminescense

If you look to end one of your days with a magical nature happening sign up for a bioluminescent tour. A nature experience that will simply make you go – WOW! If you amazed by a star-lit night, this experience will be mind-blowing and Avatar-like. Bioluminescent are a type of plankton—tiny marine organisms that can cause the surface of the ocean to sparkle at night through light movements in the water.  This tour combines perfectly with the hike in Curu Wildlife Reserve.

5. Ocean exploration by kayak

If water is your element and you seek to explore the area from the shores, a sea kayak exploration is a great way to get up-close and personal with nature. It is an excellent way to exercise, explore the open ocean and even to catch your next dinner. Whether you are interested in fishing or just cruising up a river to discover some local mangroves, sea kayaking is a fantastic way to experience Costa Rica’s lush coastline.

6. Sportfishing with locals

If fishing by kayak does not quite cut it for you, Santa Teresa is the ideal location for sea fishing – here you’ll find small town charm, along with all the qualities of a tropical paradise. Not only will you have the opportunity to catch some impressive fish, but you will also be treated to crystal clear waters and sugar white sand beaches the entire time of your inshore or offshore trip. Fishing in waters up to 50 feet deep, you may catch Mackerel, Red Snappers, Mahi Mahi, or Grouper while in deeper waters, you will try for bigger catches like Sailfish or Yellowfin tuna. While catch and release is encouraged, you may also take your catch with you & enjoy for dinner prepared at Nantipa’s restaurant Manzú or in the privacy of your Villa by your private chef.

7. Dining

Santa Teresa’s beachfront dining culture doesn’t compare to anywhere else in the country. The fusion of international influences with Costa Rica’s traditional recipes makes up for a wide variety of diverse, healthy, farm-to-table cuisine. Expect natural smoothies made with tropical fruit, creative catch-of-the-day preparations, locally grown vegetables and state-of-the art mixology. Hotel restaurants offer a gourmet twist on Blue Zone dining while local “sodas” are great for getting your try of authentic Costa Rican dishes.

Santa Teresa is far from most other destinations in Costa Rica. And that’s all part of the draw. A remote jungle-backed beach destination with endless opportunities to charm families, couples, and friends alike. We look forward to welcoming you at a Nantipa to create unforgettable travel memories together.  If you would like more information on the tours and activities, please contact our concierge at [email protected].  For more information on booking Nantipa, please contact [email protected] or call +1 (855) Nantipa