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Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa Joins Virtuoso Culinary & Sustainability Community!

Tabacón has always strived to be a positive leader in the La Fortuna region, and its entry into the exclusive Virtuoso communities aligns perfectly with its commitment to excellence. From unforgettable Food and Beverage to Hands-On experiences such as local culture and the environment.

Tabacón’s presence in the Virtuoso Culinary & Sustainability Communities allows it not only to offer the most exclusive culinary and sustainable experiences but also to support local economies and protect the planet. The resort is dedicated to celebrating culture, deeply connecting to Costa Rica’s essence through culinary experiences, and prioritizing environmentally friendly practices, all while creating unforgettable memories.

Visitors to Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa can embark on a culinary journey. They can enjoy a coffee tasting, wine and tapas pairing, a Tico Chef Class, and a Cocktail Briefing. The Ephemeral Table, a 6-course chef’s table in a rainforest bungalow, should not be missed. Each dish served here comes with a story of inspiration, ingredient origins, and creative pairings. Guests can discover the essence of Costa Rica, experience exceptional service, and immerse themselves in nature with every bite and sip.

“Thrilled to be a part of Virtuoso’s culinary community and proudly crafting unforgettable culinary experiences at our Tabacón home with joy and dedication.”  Saúl Umaña, Culinary  Director.

At Tabacón, the focus is on celebrating Costa Rican culture while supporting the local community and preserving the environment. The resort actively incorporates native elements into wellness services and gastronomy, engages with local initiatives and businesses, and commits to resource conservation through initiatives like solar energy, biodiversity protection, and reforestation programs. Tabacón holds esteemed certifications that reflect its dedication to these values.

“We are very excited to host the first annual excellence in education awards this February and to recognize top performances in our schools” commented Shirley Mora, Tabacon’s leader in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Tabacón’s goal is to tailor guests’ journeys precisely to their interests, experiences, and expertise. It’s not just about offering a getaway; it’s about creating unforgettable memories that resonate with guests’ souls.

Tabacón looks forward to welcoming visitors to its haven of relaxation and culinary excellence.